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Will the war on terror bankrupt the West?
The Hidden Jewish Prophecy of Iraq, Iran
and America

The stage may be set for an ancient prophecy to come true!

Recent events in America and growing unrest in the Middle East have sparked renewed interest in the Biblical Book of Daniel, particularly his first two visions. Daniel is shown Media and Persia (modern Iraq and Iran) in a "time of the end" context.

In one vision, Daniel sees a Lion and Eagle Coalition suffer stinging, humiliating defeat.

In another vision, a Notable Horn, said to represent the Number One King of the Rough Goat Power from the West, is likewise shattered.

Daniel's visions of the end times—do they predict a dark future for the Western powers?

This full-color brochure illustrates the various characters depicted in chapters 7 and 8 of the Biblical Book of Daniel.

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Survival in a Bucket

In a single sealable 5-gallon plastic bucket you can store food and provisions that can sustain you and your family for several days—maybe a couple of weeks!

A surprisingly simple way to prepare yourself for most of what nature can throw at you.

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