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IBE Communicator Archive:



August Communicator
2017 August
"What In the World Are
We Going to Do Now?"
August Communicator
2017 May
"The Cycles of Life"
August Communicator
2017 March
"Heavenly Subsidies"
August Communicator
2017 January
"Another New Year In
A Very Old World"


August Communicator
2016 November
"Cuba: A Well-kept Secret"
August Communicator
2016 September
"Behold, I Stand
at the Door"
August Communicator
2016 July
"Ye Shall Hear Of ..."
August Communicator
2016 May
"The Word Goes On ..."
August Communicator
2016 March
"Still a Good Deal ..."
August Communicator
2016 February
"The Party's Over!"
August Communicator
2016 January
"Want to Go to the Game?"


August Communicator
2015 December
"There Goes Time ...."
August Communicator
2015 October
"Down, Down, Down ...."
September Communicator
2015 August
"Trouble's Coming!"
September Communicator
2015 June
"Can You Keep a Secret?"
September Communicator
2015 May
"Have a Plan—
You can Walk Away From"
August Communicator
2015 September
"Coming Soon ...."
September Communicator
2015 April
"Brick by Brick"
August Communicator
2015 March
"It's What's Going On"
August Communicator
2015 January
"¡Viva Cuba!"


October Communicator
2014 December
"Nearer, Still Nearer"
October Communicator
2014 November
"The Season for Giving
Is Upon Us"
October Communicator
2014 October
"Trumpets Blowing
Around the World"
September Communicator
2014 September
"A Harvest Approacheth"
August Communicator
2014 August
"The Future Ain't What
It Used to Be"
July Communicator
2014 July
"Digital River from
the Throne"
June Communicator
2014 June
"Here In Our
Digital World"
May Communicator
2014 May
"While We're Waiting"
April Communicator
2014 April
"Parlez-vous français?"
September Communicator
2014 March
"Taking a Stand"
August Communicator
2014 February
"The Swift Completion
of Their Appointed
Rounds …"
July Communicator
2014 January
"What a Year that Was!"


November Communicator
2013 December
"Work While the
Tide Is Out!"
November Communicator
2013 November
"Don't Stop the Presses!!!"
October Communicator
2013 October
"Ongoing Education"
September Communicator
2013 September
"Back to School"
August Communicator
2013 August
"There's an App for That!"
July Communicator
2013 July
"Teacher's Pet Project"
June Communicator
2013 June
"Reaching Out from
May Communicator
2013 May
"Is There Anybody
Out There?"
April Communicator
2013 April
"Boldly or Not … Just Go!"
March Communicator
2013 March
"What In the World
Is Going On?"
February Communicator
2013 February
"An Ounce of Humility
Is Worth Tons!"
January Communicator
2013 January
"The Last Year
On Earth…!"


September 2012 Communicator
2012 December
"We're Back! We Had
a Great Time"
September 2012 Communicator
2012 November
"We're Going to
the Fair!"
September 2012 Communicator
2012 October
"Step Into My Office"
September 2012 Communicator
2012 September
"No More Ponies In
the Stables, But…"
August 2012
2012 August
"Southbound Books…"
July 2012 Communicator
2012 July
"Fire! Flood!
June 2012 Communicator
2012 June
"Mission America II"
May 2012 Communicator
2012 May
"Heads Up!
Look at This …"
Apr Communicator 2012
2012 April
"The Good Seed Is
the Word of God"
Mar Communicator 2012
2012 March
"Time On Your Hands?"
Feb Communicator 2012
2012 February
"Unfinished Sentences …"
Communicator January 2012
2012 January
"Another Year… Another
Date for the End …"


Communicator December 2011
2011 December
"Mission America 2"
November Communicator
2011 November
"You Don't Have
Enough Time?!"
2011 October Communicator
2011 October
"If You Have Eyes
To See…"
2011 September Communicator
2011 September
"There's a Reason You
Are Here…"
2011 August Communicator
2011 August
"Community Mailing"

2011 July Communicator
2011 July
"The Perfect Storm
Is Coming!"

2011 June Communicator
2011 June
"Angels Speaking
Spanish Again"
2011 May Communicator
2011 May
"It's the End of the
2011 April Communicator
2011 April

"Give Me
Something Nice!"
2011 March Communicator
2011 March
"The Cycle of Ministry"
Communicator February 2011
2011 February
"Ministry Behind Bars"
2011 January (B) Communicator
2011 January (B)
"At Home and Abroad"
2011 January Communicator
2011 January
"A New Year…
A New Day…
A New Life…?"


2011 December Communicator
2010 December
"On Earth Peace, Good
Will Toward Men"
2011 November Communicator
2010 November
"Seasons Come,
Seasons Go"
2010 October Communicator
2010 October
"Where To From Here?"
2010 September Communicator
2010 September
"Restoring Honor"
2010 August Communicator
2010 August
"Slowly But Surely…"
2010 July Communicator
2010 July
"Other Sheep Have I…"
2010 June Communicator
2010 June
"From Life To Life"
2010 May Communicator
2010 May
"We Don't Just
Carry Milk…"
2010 April Communicator
2010 April
"Tea, Anyone?"
2010 March Communicator
2010 March
"Ticking Away…"
2010 February Communicator
2010 February
"Thank Heaven for
Mardi Gras"
2010 January Communicator
2010 January
"NWO Back on Radar"
"In the Wake of Katrina"